Extras Include :

  • Setup Facebook, Twitter and other social profile cover photos and profile pictures in line with the business branding
  • Specific marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter etc. to drive up likes/followers
  • Targeted marketing campaigns focusing on advertising special offers or new products
  • Creating and running like & share competitions to increase customer awareness, customer engagement and social media popularity
  • Marketing campaigns to raise awareness of specific posts e.g. competition
  • Driving more likes or followers for a specific period of time or until an agreed target has been met
  • Creation and publication of blogs including links to social media for increase customer awareness – this will require access to the business’ website so they have authorship of the blog
  • If required a service which prompts businesses when they receive a personal message, can be implemented
  • Advice provided as to how to respond to negative feedback can be offered on an ad hoc basis – businesses should not shy away from negative feedback but should embrace this as an idea on how to improve their customer service and in the long run this will lead to a more loyal customer base
  • All extras will be discussed and assessed in terms of cost and specific business’ needs